2 Bedroom Moroccan Style Apartment in Pink Riad Tulum

Dollar $334.880
Pesos $5,759,936


Discover Pink Riad Tulum: Exclusivity and Elegance in a Moroccan Oasis

Fall in love with Pink Riad, the spectacular real estate development that fuses the majesty of Moroccan style with the exuberance of Tulum. This oasis of luxury and sophistication is located in Aldea Zamá, one of the most prestigious and exclusive residential areas of Tulum.

Architecture and Design: A Moroccan Masterpiece in the Heart of Tulum

Pink Riad apartments stand out for their meticulous selection of materials and unparalleled attention to detail. In every corner of the development, you will find artisanal details such as handmade terracotta tiles, chiseled precious woods and timeless decorative pieces. The result is a dreamlike space that transports your senses to an exotic Moroccan palace.

Invest in Pink Riad: A Unique Opportunity to Secure a Prosperous Future

Take advantage of Pink Riad's pre-sale advantages and secure an unparalleled return on investment in Tulum. With prices starting at $349,000 USD, fully equipped and furnished, and flexible payment terms, this is your opportunity to acquire a property that outperforms cities like Miami and Dubai in terms of profit

Amenities and Services: Live the Pink Riad Experience to the Fullest

Every day in Pink Riad is an experience of luxury and comfort thanks to its exclusive services such as concierge, 24-hour security, wellness center, Riad-style swimming pool and 24-hour reception. Everything is designed to provide you with an unparalleled atmosphere of privacy and well-being.

Sustainability and Technology: A Commitment to the Environment and Human Well-being

At Pink Riad, caring for the environment is a priority. For this reason, modern technologies are implemented for the efficient use of water and a design focused on the well-being of its residents, guaranteeing comfortable and functional spaces that adapt to your needs.

Choose Pink Riad and Embark on an Unforgettable Journey

Let Pink Riad transport you to a world of elegance and exclusivity in Tulum. With its Moroccan architecture, original materials and finishes and luxury services, this unique proposal in the real estate market will offer you an incomparable experience. Don't wait any longer and book your apartment at Pink Riad, your Moroccan oasis in the heart of Tulum.

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